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The Linguistics4u translation network

The Linguistics for you project originated when a group of freelance translators working in countries across Europe decided to unite their skills to offer the best possible translation service.

With our presence on the Internet, our network is steadily growing, so that we can offer high-quality, professional translations in and from many languages, and more areas of expertise.

The originality of our concept lies in the fact that there is no intermediary between the client and the translator in charge of his project. Once you have filled in the form to get a free quote, your project is sent directly to the best-qualified member of our association, who then contacts you and starts processing your document.

No intermediary implies no commissions, which guarantees that our prices remain very competitive compared to other on-web agencies.

Yet, the importance and the organization of our network enable us to offer exactly the same services as any agency, namely:

Please note that we apply fixed rates. Our prices do not vary from one translator to the next, or depending on the languages involved. The only variables we take into consideration when calculating the cost of your translation are the time involved and the nature of the source document (format and technical level). This is explained in details in the next page.  


Translator-shop is a club of experienced freelance and professional translators and lecteurs, who not only translate but also work with applications they have translated.

We have acquired large number of clients and associates, working with some of the largest Croatian translation companies.

We translate material in any type of electronical or printed media. We offer advices on how to use particular filetypes and applications.

Use sidebar to check out some of our most important and recent projects. Do not hesitate to contact us for additional informations. Lack of detailed infos on this pages is simply result of newly opened web-site. Further details about our work will be added in the near future!

For PC-oriented translations we use following applications:
- Trados 6.5 LSP
- Heartsome XLIFF
- Alchemy Catalyst
- DejaVu X
- OmegaT
- Microsoft Helium & Microsoft LocStudio
- Transolution Xliff Editor
- ENLASO Translator Tools
- CatsCradle Web Page Translator
- Resource Hacker
- poEdit (for use with Linux projects)
- KBabel (for use with Linux projects)

We offer professional, reliable and error-free services, adjusted to your needs and to the needs of your own customers !

BabelPort is the translation industry information and project portal for agencies, outsourcers, and freelance translators and interpreters. With translation industry news, reports on CAT software, translation memory tools, and articles on translation professions provides a rich information pool related to the translation industry and offers services such as forum discussions, payment practices lists, directories of translators and agencies, online dictionaries, glossaries, translation help, and much more. is a community-oriented and -driven webservice providing a rich information pool to linguists and furthermore serves as a personal and professional network of fellow translators, interpreters, and agencies. babelport offers a free directory and databse of translators and agencies with information about payment conditions and payment practices. Requires free registration and login.

Why and what's the deal with this ugly logo? This word-creation derives from two concepts. First there was the ancient Biblical Tower of Babel, a place where people of all nations met and communicated. Words, still in use like the English verb to babble or the German brabbeln, stem from this origin. Secondly, the noun port can be understood as either a maritime port or as a portal, a huge doorway. You may choose. Either concept fits quite well into our own understanding of what shall become. We want to become a busy meeting and market place for the communication, or better translation, industry.

As we took the Tower of Babel to be one of the concepts representing this online meeting place for translators, we were spending weeks looking for a not-to-much-afar logo but we didn't come up with one. Then, already at the edge of dropping this whole idea, one of us looked out of the window! What we saw was the Monument of the Battle of Nations, the Völkerschlachtdenkmal, commemorating the Battle between Napoleonic Troops and the Prussian and Russian Allies of 1813. So we figured: This thing is huge, monstrous, old, and it still stands!. And it somehow resembled the Tower of Babel, too. So we decided to take the silhouette of Leipzig, as we see it when looking out of our windows, to become our logo. Today, we love it. So dont say its ugly!
After having spent months programming page after page of code and thinking about helpful features that could be included into the site is finally ready to be tested by you. We hope that can introduce to you informative resources, helpful members and new clients. However, since this site just launched not all the features we wanted to provide have been implemented yet. But we are working on constantly improving to establish a long-term meeting place for translators, interpreters and other language professionals and their clients.
It is our foremost aim to build a friendly and supportive community together with you! By joining as a member you get the chance to contribute to this community of language experts and in turn gain from the input of other members. Translation agencies and direct clients are of course also welcomed and asked to participate in making this site a well-established meeting place for its members.
At the moment offers the following services:

Members can create their own Profiles.
Posting of and Bidding on Projects.
Search for agencies or freelancers.
Forums and Discussion boards.
Freelance and Agency Rating System to provide more transparency and trust in the industry.
TransHelper questions - A service where translators help translators translating.
The Babelport Glossary already contains more than 1000 entries for your reference.
A Price Calculator lets you conveniently calculate your personal rates.
The Unit Converter automatically converts different units of measure.
Articles and News that you should check out

Freelance Dog

Freelance Dog is an online market place for freelance professionals and project managers. Project managers who wish to translate articles may post their projects on our site and invite bids from translators




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