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Before I point you towards some important translators resources, I have heard through the e-grapevine that getting translation work is getting tougher.

Even though the world is uniting more and more every day, and the need for translators to help the world unite is becoming an ever greater necessity, it doesn't necessarily follow that you will always have work as a translator, nor does it mean that finding work is easy. I want you to consider one thing...

You are the key to your own success. The more you are determined to succeed, the more likely it is that you will succeed. You have to roll up your sleeves and determine your own success until you see results,

As a translator, perhaps you have noticed that work is scarce despite the rapidly expanding internet on an international level. Translation demands are constantly growing, this I know for a fact based on search engine requests.

From what I have gathered, the number of online translators now available is also growing very rapidly, thus the scarcity of work. With the recession included, rates are also dropping (there is an influx of third world translators that are content with less).

What do you do?

It is my humble opinion that when the competition gets tough, it is time to improve your marketing skills. You need to dedicate more energy into your marketing endeavors.

Online sales don't just happen because you offer a product or service. There is a whole art and science to the process, you have to really apply yourself to see results.

If you are interested, I want to send you at least one marketing school that I feel can definitely help you to learn online marketing.

Then, constantly apply what you learn. Apply, track, modify... over and over and over again.

You will, slowly but surely, see results.

Below, I have inserted just one link to a good marketing school that I have found online that works well for beginners. By simply exploring this listed site and downloading free courses, newsletters, etc. from them, you can start to get a feel for what they offer. To really learn marketing in depth though, you are going to have to buy something. You can't be a tire kicker (everything for FREE surfer) and expect to learn what others have dedicated a lifetime to learning. In Italy they say, "you want your wife drunk and the wine keg full".

You have to examine your priorities.


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